Licensed software on the UAntwerp clusters#

Several of the software packages running on the UAntwerp cluster have restrictions in their licenses and cannot be used by all users. If a module does not load, it is very likely that you have no access to the package.

Access to such packages is managed by UNIX groups. You can request membership to the group, but that membership will only be granted if you are eligible for use of the package.


Amber is licensed software (through a site license). The license fee is minimal for non-profit work but comes at a considerable cost for for-profit research. In case of use for a third party that third party needs to have a license too.

Contact Hans De Winter for more information on the conditions to use the license.



CPMD can be used for free for non-commercial research in education institutions under the CPMD Free License.

To get access:

  • Fill in the form for downloading CPMD on the CPMD website.

  • You’ll see a “Thank You” page confirming your submission. Somewhat later - it may take up to a week but usually it is quite fast - you’ll receive a mail with download instructions. Please forward that mail to We then have to check with IBM for confirmation.

  • Apply for membership of the acpmd group via the VSC account page.

  • As soon as we have confirmation from IBM that your license application has been accepted, your membership application for acpmd will be granted and you will be able to use CPMD.



To use Gaussian, you should work or study at the University of Antwerp and your research group should contribute to the cost of the license.

Contact Wouter Herrebout for more information.





We do not encourage the use of MATLAB on the cluster as it is neither designed for use of HPC (despite a number of toolboxes that support parallel computing) nor efficient.

MATLAB on the UAntwerp clusters can be used by everybody who can legally use MATLAB within the UAntwerp Campus Agreement with The MathWorks. You should have access to the modules if you are eligible. If you cannot load the MATLAB modules yet think you are allowed to use MATLAB under the UAntwerp license, please contact support.



FINE/Marine is commercial CFD software from NUMECA International for simulation of flow around ships etc. The license has been granted for use of the Solar Boat Team as sponsoring from NUMECA and cannot be used by others. The license has expired, so FINE/Marine though still installed on Leibniz can no longer be used until a group renews the license.


Siemens Simcenter#


To use VASP, you should work or study at the University of Antwerp and your research group should contribute to the cost of the license.

Contact Dirk Lamoen or Erik Neyts for more information.