An HPC cluster is a multi-user system. This implies that your computations run on a part of the cluster that will be temporarily reserved for you by the scheduler.


Do not run computationally intensive tasks on the login nodes! These nodes are shared among all active users, so putting a heavy load on those nodes will annoy other users.

Although you can work interactively on an HPC system, most computations are performed in batch mode. The workflow in batch mode is straightforward:

  1. Create a job script

  2. Submit it as a job to the scheduler

  3. Wait for the computation to run and finish

The following sections cover all aspects related to the preparation, execution and monitoring of your jobs in the HPC.

VSC clusters using the Slurm job scheduler

UAntwerp (AUHA)
KU Leuven/UHasselt

VSC clusters using the Torque job scheduler


(backwards compatibility)

Linux System#