Using software#

The best way to get a complete list of all available software in a particular cluster can be obtained by typing:

$ module av

In order to use the software stack in the HPC cluster, the user should work with the module system.

On the newer systems, we use the same naming conventions for packages on all systems. Due to the ever expanding list of packages, we’ve also made some adjustments and don’t always show all packages. Be sure to check out how you can see specialized software modules.

See also

Since August 2016, a different implementation of the module system has been implemented on UGent, VUB, UAntwerpen Tier-2 systems and KU Leuven’s Genius cluster, called Lmod. Though highly compatible with the aforementioned module system used on the other clusters, it has some extra capabilities and differences:

Packages with additional documentation#

MATLAB (a package by MathWorks)#


Programming Languages#

Some programming languages have an extensive standard library, but optionally allow to install extra packages. For most languages, the user can install packages in his own home directory without system administrator intervention. Some documentation for doing this for Perl and Python is provided.