Data transfer with FileZilla#

FileZilla is an easy-to-use freely available ftp-style program to transfer files to and from your account on the clusters.

You can also put FileZilla with your private key on a USB stick to access your files from any internet-connected PC.

You can download FileZilla from the FileZilla project page.

Configuration of FileZilla to connect to a login node#


Pageant should be running and your private key should be loaded first (more info in our “Using Pageant” page).

  1. Start FileZilla;

  2. Open the Site Manager using the ‘File’ menu;

  3. Create a new site by clicking the New Site button;

  4. In the tab marked General, enter the following values (all other fields remain blank):

    • Host: fill in the hostname of the VSC login node of your home institution. You can find this information in the overview of available hardware on this site.

    • Servertype: SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol

    • Logontype: Normal

    • User: your own VSC user ID, e.g., vsc98765;

  5. Optionally, rename this setting to your liking by pressing the ‘Rename’ button;

  6. Press ‘Connect’ and enter your passphrase when requested.

FileZilla's site manager

Note that recent versions of FileZilla have a screen in the settings to manage private keys. The path to the private key must be provided in options (Edit Tab -> options -> connection -> SFTP):

FileZilla site manager with settings

After that you should be able to connect after being asked for passphrase. As an alternative you can choose to use putty pageant.