Request more storage#

If the current quota limits of your personal storage or Virtual Organization (VO) are not large enough to carry out your research project, it might be possible to increase them. This option depends on data storage policies of the site managing your VSC account, VO or Tier-1 project as well as on current capacity of the storage system.

Before requesting more storage, please check carefully the current data usage of your VSC account and identify which file system needs a larger quota.

Increase inode quota#

If you need more inode quota, you should first try to limit the number of files as much as possible:

  • Clean up the files you no longer need.

  • Aggregate your data into HDF5, netCDF, or CSV files.

  • Alternatively, pack your files in a tarball, for example:

    tar -I pigz cf myfiles.tgz file1 <...> fileN

    On some clusters you may have to load the pigz (parallel gzip) module to make it available. If you need help on tar or pigz, please consult the man pages by running man tar or man pigz on the command line.

  • Be careful when running jobs that write back to the shared storage and clean up anything you do not need for post-processing or for verification, i.e., intermediate files.

  • Take care not to let your jobs write such small files on the shared storage systems, but instead have them write to the local disks on the nodes where your jobs are running and then pack them if they are still needed before moving them to the shared storage.

If you still need more inode quota after considering all the above options, please contact the support team managing the quota of the respective file system.

Increase personal storage#

The storage of personal VSC file systems VSC_HOME and VSC_DATA are managed by your home institute. VSC_SCRATCH is managed by the institute of the cluster. In case of doubt, please contact the corresponding support team.


The storage of your home directory is small on purpose. If you need more storage, please switch to VSC_DATA.


Policies on these file systems depend on your home institute:

Increase storage in virtual organizations#


The storage quotas of your Virtual Organization (VO) are managed by the moderator of the VO, who is typically the leader of your research group. The moderator can manage all quotas of the VO in the Edit VO tab of the VSC account page.

Requesting more storage space#

VO moderators can request additional quota for VSC_DATA_VO and VSC_SCRATCH_VO:

  1. Go to the section Request additional quota in the Edit VO tab

  2. Fill in the amount of additional storage you want for VSC_DATA_VO (labelled VSC_DATA in this section) and/or VSC_SCRATCH_VO (labelled VSC_SCRATCH_XXX in this section)

  3. Add a comment explaining why you need additional storage space

  4. Submit the request by clicking on the Submit request button

  5. Your request will be reviewed by the HPC administrators

Setting per-member VO quota#

VO moderators can tweak the share of the VO quota that each member can maximally use. By default, this is set to 50% of the total quota for each user.

  1. Go to the section Request additional quota in the Edit VO tab

  2. Adjust the share (%) of the available space available to each user

  3. Submit the request by clicking on the Confirm button

  4. The per-member VO quota will be updated in 30 minutes maximum


The sum of all user quotas in your VO can be above 100%. The share for any user indicates what he/she can maximally use, but the actual limit will then depend on the usage of the other members. The total storage quota of the VO will always be respected.

Increase tier-1 project quota#

The scratch storage of your project in tier-1 is managed by the institute hosting the tier-1 HPC infrastructure. Your project directory will have the quota granted to your project, which should be sufficient to complete all computational tasks in tier-1. If that is not the case, please contact the tier-1 helpdesk at