Lecturer’s procedure to request student accounts (KU Leuven/UHasselt)#

In order to smoothly go through account creation for students process several actions from the lecturer are required.

  1. Submit the request to hpcinfo@.kuleuven.be providing a short description of the course and explanation why HPC facilities are necessary for teaching the course. Please also add the attachment with the list of students attending the course (2 weeks before the beginning of the course).

  2. Send the information to students that they have 1 week time window to apply for the account (the last day when account creating can be processed is the day before the course starts). Students should follow the generic procedure, that starts with generating private-public key pair and ends with submitting the public key via the VSC account page. After 1 week the lists of students that already submitted the request for the account and corresponding vsc-account numbers will be send to the lecturer.

  3. The students should be informed to bring the private key with them to be able to connect and attend the course.

  4. Since introductory credits are supposed to be used for private projects (e.g. master thesis computations) we encourage to create the project which will be used for computations related to the course. This will also give a lecturer an opportunity of tracing the use of the cluster during the course. For more information about the procedure of creating the project please refer to the page Slurm accounting. Once the project is accepted, the students that already applied for the account need to be added to the project (1 week before the beginning of the course).

  5. Students that failed to submit request in a given time will have to follow regular procedure of applying for the account involving communication with the HPC support staff and delaying the account creation process (these students will have to motivate the reason of applying for the account and send a request for using the project credits). Students that submit the requests later than 2 days before the beginning of the course are not guaranteed to get the account in time.

  6. Both the accounts and the generated key-pairs are strictly PRIVATE and students are not supposed to share the accounts, not even for the purpose of the course.

  7. Please remember to instruct your students to bring the private key to the class. Students may forget it and without the key they will not be able to login to the cluster even if they have the accounts.

  8. If the reservation of few nodes is necessary during the exercise classes please let us know 1 week before the exercise class, so that it can be scheduled. To submit the job during the class the following command should be used:

    $ sbatch --account=<project_name> --reservation=<reservation_name> jobscript.slurm

    where project_name refers to the project created by the lecturer for the purpose of the course, and the <reservation_name> refers to an existing reservation on the system for the spcific course.

  9. Make sure that the software to connect to the cluster (Putty, Xming, FileZilla, NX) is available in the PC-class that will be used during the course. For KU Leuven courses: please follow the procedure at https://icts.kuleuven.be/sc/pcklas/ictspcklassen (1 month before the beginning of the course).