Superdome hardware

Superdome is a shared memory machine and consists of several nodes.

Login infrastructure

Direct login using SSH is possible to all login infrastructure without restrictions.

You can access Genius through:

This will loadbalance your connection to one of the 4 Genius login nodes. Two types of login nodes are available:

  • classic login nodes, i.e., terminal SSH access:





  • login node that provides a desktop environment that can be used for, e.g., visualization, see the NX clients section:



      This node should not be accessed using terminal SSH, it serves only as a gateway to the actual login nodes your NX sessions will be running on.

      The NX login node will start a session on a login node that has a GPU, i.e., either



Hardware details

  • 8 nodes

    • Xeon Gold 6132 CPUs@2.6 GHz (Skylake), 14 cores each

    • 750 GB RAM

    • partition superdome

So in total Superdome has 6TB RAM memory and additionally a local shared scratch file system of 6TB.

A quick start guide is available to get you started on submitting jobs to the Superdome.