Manage Globus groups

Globus allows you to create and manage groups of Globus users and share files and folders with these groups. More information about Globus groups can be found on the Globus Groups How-To page.

  • Click Groups in the left-side command pane to open the Your Groups page. You will see a list of all the groups you are a member of, including those you administer or manage. To search for a group you belong to, type part of its name in the Filter groups field above the list.

  • Click Create new group to create a group.

  • Type a name for the group. You can also enter a description that tells prospective members about the group. Then click Create Group.

  • After creating a group, Globus will return you to the Your Groups page. Click the right arrow next to the newly created group.

  • Click Invite Others to invite other users to the group. You can invite others to the group by entering email addresses or by searching for Globus identities. Globus will send each person an email that includes a link for accepting the invitation to the group.

    • Invite by email address: Enter the email address for the person you wish to invite and click Add. This is a good option to use for members who do not yet have a Globus account.

    • Invite by Globus identity: Enter all or part of the person’s name or email address and press Enter to search for a current Globus identity. Select the user you wish to invite from the search results.

  • Click the Members tab to view users who have been invited or who are already members of the group. The Status field shows the membership status of each user, and the Role field shows each user’s role in the group. The Administrator in the group can change any user’s role or status in the group, including removing a user, by clicking the right arrow next to the user’s name.

  • Click the Settings tab to view the group’s settings and policies. These policies control who can see the group and its membership list, how new users are added to the group, and related privileges. Click Edit Policies to change any of these policies.