Hydra hardware

The VUB Hydra cluster is an heterogeneous cluster with a mixture of nodes with varied hardware. The majority of nodes are non-GPU nodes for generic multi-purpose compute, they are distributed in partitions depending on their CPU microarchitectures and network interconnects. The cluster also contains a number of nodes with NVIDIA GPUs, which are also distributed in partitions depending on their GPU generation.

Hardware details

  • Generic nodes
Slurm partition nodes processors per node memory local disk network
ivybridge_mpi 16 2x 10-core INTEL E5-2680v2 (ivybridge) 256 GB 900 GB QDR-IB
broadwell 27 2x 14-core INTEL E5-2680v4 (broadwell) 256 GB 1 TB 10 Gbps
himem 1 4x 10-core INTEL E7-8891v4 (broadwell) 1.5 TB 4 TB 10 Gbps
skylake 22 2x 20-core INTEL Xeon Gold 6148 (skylake) 192 GB 1 TB 10 Gbps
skylake_mpi 31 2x 20-core INTEL Xeon Gold 6148 (skylake) 192 GB 1 TB EDR-IB
  • GPU nodes
Slurm partition nodes GPUs per node GPU memory processors per node CPU memory local disk network
kepler_gpu 6 2x Nvidia Tesla K20Xm (kepler) 6 GB 2x 10-core INTEL E5-2680v2 (ivybridge) 128 GB 900 GB QDR-IB
pascal_gpu 4 2x Nvidia Tesla P100 (pascal) 16 GB 2x 12-core INTEL E5-2650v4 (broadwell) 256 GB 2 TB 10 Gbps
ampere_gpu 6 2x Nvidia Tesla A100 (ampere) 40 GB 2x 16-core AMD EPYC 7282 (zen2) 256 GB 2 TB EDR-IB

Access restrictions

Access is available for faculty members, students (master’s projects under faculty supervision), and researchers of the VUB, as well as VSC users of other Flemish universities.

The cluster is integrated in the VSC network and runs the standard VSC software setup.

Jobs can have a maximal execution wall time of 5 days (120 hours).

Login infrastructure

Users with a VSC account (VSC-ID) can connect to Hydra via the following hostname:

  • <VSC-ID>@login.hpc.vub.be

Hardware specs:

  • 2x Intel Skylake (Xeon Gold 6126) - 24 cores in total (fair share between all users)
  • 96GB memory (maximum per user: 12GB)
  • 10GbE network connection
  • Infiniband EDR connection to the storage

User documentation

For documentation specific to the VUB cluster, please consult the documentation at:


For question or problems, please contact the VUB HPC team: hpc@vub.be