Messed up keys#

There are two cases in which your keys may have been messed up and cannot be used any more. In both cases you can fix this situation on your own in a few easy steps via the VSC account page.


Allow for at least half an hour for any change to your public keys to propagate through the VSC systems and be able to log in with them.

Update missing keys in the cluster#

The keys that were stored in the .ssh subdirectory of your home directory on the cluster were accidentally deleted, or the authorized_keys file was accidentally deleted.

  1. Go to the VSC account page

  2. Choose your institute and log in

  3. At the top of the page, click ‘Edit Account’

  4. Press the ‘Update’ button on that web page

Upload a new SSH key to your VSC account#

Keys that are lost (i.e. stolen or deleted file of the private key) or locked (i.e. a lost passphrase of the key) must be replaced with new ones:

  1. Generate a new public/private key pair

  2. Replace old public key with new one in your VSC account page