Generating keys with MobaXterm#

The following steps explain how to generate an SSH key pair in OpenSSH format using the MobaXterm application.

  1. Go to the MobaXterm website and download the free version. Make sure to select the Portable edition from the download page. Create a folder called MobaXterm in a known location in your computer and decompress the contents of the downloaded zip file inside it.

  2. Double click the MobaXterm_Personal executable file inside the MobaXterm folder. The MobaXterm main window will appear on your screen. It should be similar to this one:

    mobaxterm main
  3. In the Tools menu choose the MobaKeyGen (SSH key generator) option, a panel like this one will appear:

    mobaxterm ssh key generator
  4. Make sure the option RSA is chosen and Number of bits in a generated key is set to 4096. Press the button Generate. As shown below, you will be requested to move the mouse in the Key area to generate some entropy; do so until the green bar is completely filled.

    mobaxterm ssh key entropy
  5. When the process is over you will see its result as shown below. Enter a comment in the Key comment field and a strong passphrase.

    mobaxterm ssh key passphrase
  6. Click on the Save public key button and save it to some desired location; we recommend to name it You must upload this public key to your your VSC accountpage before you can login to a VSC cluster.

  7. Finally click on the Save private key button and save that file also; we recommend to name this file id_rsa_vsc.ppk. As the private part of the name suggests, this file should not be shared, you must keep it in a safe location in your computer. You will have to remember where you saved it, as you will need it to connect to the cluster after you receive the confirmation that your account is active.